The Final “To-Do’s” for the College Admission Process

Most of us in the college admission process – students, parents and counselors alike – heave a sigh of relief when May 1st passes. But once a student has secured a spot at his chosen college there are still a few things to do to make sure the college experience starts off on the right foot next fall.

1.       Make sure you have notified the colleges you are not attending of your decision. Not only is it polite, but it also helps out your fellow students who might be on a waitlist hoping for a spot to open up.

2.       Open all mail/email that comes from your chosen college and READ the information and then SAVE it! You will get notices about housing, registration, orientation, etc. and many of these notices will require you to respond in a timely manner to get the best choice of dates, rooms, etc.

3.       Every college is different in how they handle course registration and orientation programs. Some will have summer registration programs on campus that are separate from orientation, which will require you to register to attend and have limited number of spots for each session. Responding early will help you get the date/s that fit your schedule.

4.       Take advantage of any First Year Experience programs or courses your college offers. They are designed to help you transition more easily to college. Whether or not you think you can handle the transition, college IS different and you should take advantage of any program that tries to make things easier for you!

5.       Make sure you notify your high school counselor or registrar of your college choice and ask them to send your final high school transcript to that school. Many colleges will put a “hold” on your account or registration until they receive that final transcript.

6.       Finally, thank everyone who helped you in your college process, especially your teachers and counselors who wrote letters of recommendations for you.

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