McMeekan College Consulting offers a range of services, from comprehensive packages to an hour of assistance. Cathy likens her role in helping students through the college process as similar to the drivers education experience. Through this activity the students take ownership of their educational future while Cathy helps them navigate the unfamiliar path.


As a college counselor, Cathy is able to work with each student to individualize their post-high school path. For many this includes attending a four year college, but for some it might mean exploring gap year options, travel, volunteer or internship opportunities.


Cathy does not replace your high school counselor but rather seeks to work collaboratively with them to support you through the college process. Having worked as a high school counselor, Cathy knows very well all the pieces that must fall into place to create a successful college application. She has the ability to focus specifically on your academic progress and help guide your college admission, research, acceptance and selection process.


Cathy does not have special pull with the colleges nor can she guarantee admission to any specific college.


Typically, students begin working with Cathy during their sophomore or juniors years of high school. Late start seniors (fall) are welcome on a space available basis, and freshman may meet for an hour informational session.


A partial list of my services include:

  • evaluation of student credentials (transcript/test scores/extracurricular activities)
  • curriculum planning in preparation for college
  • development of a list of recommended colleges in conjunction with student’s research
  • preparation for college campus visits and interviews
  • self-paced SAT and/or ACT online test prep program
  • discussion and editing of the college admissions essay
  • review college applications and supplemental materials
  • monitor student application progress (materials, deadlines, etc.)
  • provide information about scholarships and financial aid
  • provide information about the college athletic recruitment process
  • help students assess college acceptance offers and make final decisions
  • meet regularly with students and parents and be available via email and phone


Service Options:

Comprehensive Package

Application Support Package

Freshman/Sophomore Start Package


Hourly sessions available on a space available basis for $125/hour. Comprehensive package clients receive first priority in scheduling.