Comprehensive College Counseling Package

Personal meetings and assistance with the entire college search and application process, including the following:

  • Meet regularly with student to discuss college planning
  • Be available as a resource to parents as needed
  • Evaluation of student credentials (transcript/test scores/extracurricular activities)
  • Curriculum planning in preparation for college
  • Help students plan for their educational testing (ACT/SAT/SAT Subject tests), including access to online self-paced SAT and/or ACT test prep
  • Provide questionnaires, surveys and other tools designed to assist in evaluating college choices and fit
  • Provide social media literacy training as it applies to college process and beyond
  • Development of a list of recommended colleges in conjunction with student own’s research
  • Provide information about scholarships and financial aid, helping students maximize student opportunities for merit-based scholarships
  • Preparation for college campus visits and interviews
  • Discussion and review of the college admissions essay for up to twelve colleges, more colleges may incur additional cost
  • Review college applications and supplemental materials for twelve colleges
  • Monitor student application progress (materials, deadlines, etc.)
  • Provide information about the college athletic recruitment process
  • Help students assess college acceptance offers and make final decisions
  • Assist with the development of self advocacy skills that will allow the student to access appropriate support services in college.
  • Transition to college curriculum to help prepare student and parents for the move from high school to college

Each plan is tailored to your student’s specific needs.