Just as no two students are exactly alike, neither are the paths that students take to higher education. Independent College Counselor, Cathy Boehlke McMeekan, helps Spokane and Northwest students and parents navigate the college search and application process, individualizing it to each student’s needs. She also works with students once the application process is complete on the transition to college, as the admission application process is not the end of the journey, merely the beginning hurdle.

Cathy shares these thoughts on the college process:

“I emphasize the importance of self-awareness as it relates to helping students identify their own particular path. My philosophy in working with students is to help them find the colleges and experiences that will best fit their individual needs and academic interests, ultimately finding colleges where they will flourish. With twenty-two years of college admission and counseling experience, I am well versed in the college process and able to guide students through this exciting time as they explore opportunities for their future. I have worked with a wide range of student needs, from athletes and artists, to those seeking highly selective or more non-competitive academic environments. I demystify the college process and help students create a plan to reach their educational goals.”